How To Use Rolled Up Epic Estimate Fields in Jira

Agile Docs maintains a number of fields on each Epic which are available for use in Jira.

To expose these fields, go to Project Settings => Apps => App Fields and turn on Agile Docs - Estimate Tree for Jira.


You’ll then have access to the following numerical fields in Jira on each Epic:





Story Point Total

Story point total of Epic

Story Points Completed

Story points completed in Epic

Story Point Progress (%)

Story point % progress of Epic

Time Spent Total (hrs)

Total time spent in Epic

Current Estimate Total (hrs)

Total current estimate of Epic. This corresponds to the total time spent + time remaining of the Epic

Original Estimate Total (hrs)

The total original estimate of an Epic

Time Progress (%)

Time % progress of Epic. This corresponds to the time spent / current estimate of the Epic

Once enabled, these fields can be configured to display inside each Epic:

You can also use these fields in JQL queries.

For example, to find every Epic with more than 40 story points completed, you could create a filter using the expression “Story Points Completed” > 40. You could also set the fields “Story Points Completed”, “Story Point Total” and “Story Point Progress” to display in your filter.