How To Use Rolled Up Epic Estimate Fields in Jira

Agile Docs maintains a number of fields on each Epic which are available for use in Jira.

Next-Gen Projects

To expose these fields, go to Project Settings => Apps => App Fields and turn on Agile Docs - Estimate Tree for Jira.

Classic Projects

  1. From the issue view click Configure

2. Click on your issue screen to edit it. It will look like this:

3. Add the fields you want (ie Story Point Total, Story Points Completed ect) to the screen

4. Add the fields to the issue view and click Save Changes

The fields should then appear inside issues

Rolled Up Estimate Fields

After completing the above steps, you’ll have access to the following numerical fields in Jira on each Epic:





Story Point Total

Story point total of Epic

Story Points Completed

Story points completed in Epic

Story Point Progress (%)

Story point % progress of Epic

Time Spent Total (hrs)

Total time spent in Epic

Current Estimate Total (hrs)

Total current estimate of Epic. This corresponds to the total time spent + time remaining of the Epic

Original Estimate Total (hrs)

The total original estimate of an Epic

Time Progress (%)

Time % progress of Epic. This corresponds to the time spent / current estimate of the Epic

Once enabled, these fields can be configured to display inside each Epic:

You can also use these fields in JQL queries.

For example, to find every Epic with more than 40 story points completed, you could create a filter using the expression “Story Points Completed” > 40. You could also set the fields “Story Points Completed”, “Story Point Total” and “Story Point Progress” to display in your filter.